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Joseph C.P. Shieh




Ph.D. in Finance, Kent State University


Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Corporate Finance, Finance Strategy, Corporate Governance, Investment, Venture Capital


Investments, Investment Banking, International Financial Management, Financial Management, Business Strategies and Entrepreneur Finance, Entrepreneurship and Investment Management, Financial Markets and Institutions


International Building, IB1004-B






Current Positions:

                                National Taiwan University of Science and Technology                                                                 Professor                                  
                                National Cheng-Chi University                                                                 Adjunct Professor                                   
                                National Taiwan University                                                                 Adjunct Professor                                   
                                Committee for the Management of Retirement                                                                    
 Funds for Private School    Committee Member     
 Committee for Endowment Fund,     
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology  Committee Member   
ASMedia Technology Inc, Independent Director  
Polytronics Technology Corp., Independent Director  


Professional Background:

EPI LEDS Co., Ltd. Independent Director 2012.06~2018.06
Green Seal Holding Limited Independent Director 2013.06~2019.06
Chunghwa Investment Co., Ltd. Chairman 2010.02~2012.06
Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Executive Vice President & CFO & Spokesman                                  2007.01~2010.01
Mega Venture Investment Co. Ltd Chairman   2004.10~2007.01
Mega Financial Holding Company Executive Vice President & Spokesman  2004.07~2007.01
Chung Hsing Securities Corp President    2000.06~2003.01
Capital Securities Corp.    Executive Vice President 1999.10~2000.06
First Taiwan Securities, Inc. President    1998.02~1999.09


Teaching Experience:

National Cheng-Chi University Associate Professor, Professor 1991~1998
Renmin University of China, The School of Finance Visiting Professor 2004~2006
Cleveland State University  Instructor    1990~1991



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