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Joseph C.P. Shieh



Office: International Building, IB1004-B

Phone: 886-2-2730-1267

Email: jshieh@mail.ntust.edu.tw 

Education: Ph.D. in Finance, Kent State University

Research: Investment Banking, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity Operations, Research of Corporate Finance

Courses taught: Investments, Investment Banking, International Financial Management

Professor, Graduate Institute of Finance NTUST,   20?? - 
Chunghwa Telecom Group,  President   2010.02 - 2012.06
National Chengchi University,  Adjunct  Professor   1998.02 - 
Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd. (CHTD)    Vice General Manager,Treasurer, Spokesman    2007.01~2010.02
Mega Financial Holding Company, Vice General Manager, Spokesperson  2003.02 - 2007.01
Chung Hsing Securities Company, General Manager   2000.06 - 2003.01
The Capital Group, Vice General Manager   1999.10 - 2000.06
First Taiwan Securities Inc. ,  General Manager    1998.02 - 1999.09

<Journal Publications>
1.    "The Transmission from Equity Markets to Commodity Markets in Crises Periods," Applied Economics, 2016, Vol.48, pp.4666-4689.
2.    "Starting Points for a New Researcher in Behavioral Finance," International Journal of Managerial Finance, 2016, Vol.12, No.1, pp.92-103.
3.    "Using Economic Value Added over Equity as Indicator to Measure Enterprise Performance in Taiwan's Securities Industry," Journal of Accounting, Finance & Management Strategy, 2015, Vol.10, No.1, pp.13-50.
4.    "The Wealth Effect of International Joint Venture: The Case of U.S. Investment in China," Financial Management, 1991, Vol.20,4(1),pp.31-41
5.    "Impact of US-China Joint Ventures on Stockholders' Wealth by Degree of International Involvement," Management International Review, 1992/2,Vol.32,pp.135-148
6.    "Tobin's Ratio and Market Reaction to Capital Investment Announcements, "The Financial Review, 1997(Aug), Vol.32 No.3, pp.449-476
7.    "The Impact of Gold Price on The Returns of Gold Mining Stock, " The Review of Financial Economics, 1995, Vol.4,No.2,pp.125-139
8.    " International Transmission of Stock Price Movement: Evidence from The U.S. and Five Asian-Pacific Markets," Journal of Economics and Finance.1998(Spring)Vol.22,No.1,pp.59-69
9.    "Portfolio Selection and Efficiency Analysis in Futures Market, "-1994, The First National Taiwan University(NTU) International Conference on Finance, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.

<Other Publications>
1.    現代投資學:分析與管理 Contemporary Investments: Analysis & Management(2016,9月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
2.    證券市場與交易實務 Securities Markets(2016,8月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
3.    財務管理原理 Fundamentals of Corporate Finance(20156,7月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
4.    投資學:基本原理與實務 Fundamentals of Investments(2016,6月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
5.    關於人生的7項財務思考:7堂一定要懂的理財投資×人生規劃必修課(2016,10月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
6.    財務報表分析概論 Essentials of Financial Statement Analysis(2016,1月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
7.    衍生性金融商品 Derivatives(20156,1月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
8.    財務報表分析 Financial Statement Analysis(2015,6月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
9.    當代金融市場 Contemporary Financial Markets(2015,2月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
10.    Fixed Income Securities: Investment Analysis of Bond Markets and Portfolio Strategies(2012,9月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
11.    Financial Statement Analysis(2012,9月,智勝文化事業有限公司)
12.    Fundamentals of Investments(2012,6月,智勝文化事業有限公司)

13.    Investment Banking in Greater China (1st ed., 2004, Best Wise Publishing Co.)