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The Graduate Institute of Finance offers four specializations - financial engineering, corporate finance, investment, behavioral finance, and quantitative analysis - which broadly reflect the research interests of our faculty. In the past, the  GIF has also built a reputation in the field of commercial gaming studies through the research center “Lottery and Commercial Gaming” (until 2021) that had been directed by Professor  emeritus Dai-yang Liu. In 2021, the "FinTech Digital Sandbox P.O.C. Base" was jointly established by FinTech Innovation Park and Taiwan Tech to cultivate talents in innovative experiment-based financial technology. The new facility will help the integration of empirical research results with the needs of the industry, and serve as a regional center of innovative experiment-based financial technology.

Currently, the GIF is running the following research laboratories:

Research Laboratory (International Building)  Introduction
  Securities Investment (IB 1007)
  Supervising Professor:  Woan-Yuh Jang

The stock market reflects the general economic environment in the future, but investors have to deal rapid changes and uncertainties which often result heavy losses. In this research lab, the correlation between the securities market, companies and the general economy environment is investigated to assist investors in making the best securities investments.

 Value Innovation Management Research (IB1008)
 Supervising Professor: Chiung-ju Liang


This laboratory conducts empirical studies on different industries to analyze the value drivers and core competencies of companies, covering areas such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC), value creation, accounting information and capital markets. 
BSC introduces factors related to customers, internal processes, learning and growth that drive future financial performance. Strategies can be interpreted  ina clear and rigorous manner to form specific measures.

  Investment Banking Research Office (IB 1008)
  Supervising Professor: Joseph C.P. Shieh
 This laboratory investigates investment banking related topics, mergers and acquisitions, private equity operations, and corporate finance activities.

  Corporate and Behavioral Finance (IB 1008)
  Supervising Professor: Chun-nan Chen

The research areas of this laboratory include corporate financial strategy, corporate governance, corporate finance risk management, portfolio management, behavioral investment, and other issues.

  Asset Securitization (IB 1008)
  Supervising Professor: Gordon Guang-di Chang

Asset securitization, developed in the U.S. in the 1970's, refers to the process of raising capital by designing and issuing new types of securities for sale to the general public. 
The main purpose of this laboratory is to conduct in-depth research on securitization and pricing of real estate and other to cultivate talents in asset securitization and to let Taiwan keep abreast with worldwide developments in this field.

  Financial Engineering (IB 1008)
  Supervising Professor: Daniel Wei-chung Miao

With an complex and specialized global financial environment and rapidly developping information technologies,  the demand for new derivative financial instruments increases. In response to this trend, “financial engineering” has emerged. This laboratory is  conducting in-depth research on the pricing of financial instruments, financial market-related research and corporate finance topics using empirical evidence, quantitative analysis and forecasting

Research Laboratory, International Building  IB 1007
Tel: 886-2-2733-3141 ext. 7551
Research Laboratory,  International Building IB 1008
Tel: 886-2-2733-3141 ext. 7550
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Meeting room, International Building IB 10th floor 
Meeting room, International Building IB 10th floor 
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Last update: 17 Jan 2022