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The Taiwan Tech Graduate Institute of Finance (GIF), established in 2002, offers a Master’s and a Ph.D. program in Finance, and is involved in delivering the Management Undergraduate Program and the EMBA program of the School of Management. Due to the open, cross-departmental structure of the SOM, the GIF student body also comprises many students from other departments and international exchange students, who choose finance-related courses as electives and contribute to the diversity of our department. Currently, the GIF enrolls around 130 students, with 90% in our Master’s and 10% in our doctoral program. 
Our dedicated and highly qualified faculty provides an advanced graduate education for students who are seeking careers in the finance industry or in education and research. Our curriculum offers students four specializations to choose from, i.e. financial engineering, corporate finance, investment, and quantitative analysis which broadly reflect the research interests of our faculty. The flexible program structure allows students to customize their studies and align them with their personal and professional goals by combining their specialization with a broad range of electives offered by the School of Management. 
Over the years, we have fostered sound relationships with the business and financial community in Taiwan, and many of our alumni have built successful careers in the domestic and international finance industry. We continuously develop our curricula to keep abreast with the latest trends in the financial industry and financial technology. By inviting experts from the industry as guest lecturers and speakers, our students gain insights into the practices of the sector and have the chance to build their professional networks during their studies. 
In 2021, the "FinTech Digital Sandbox P.O.C. Base" was jointly established by FinTech Innovation Park and Taiwan Tech to cultivate talents in innovative experiment-based financial technology. The FinTech digital sandbox will be integrated into our finance education and help align empirical research results with the needs of the industry. It will serve as a regional center of innovative experiment-based financial technology.

Educational Goals 
To prepare our students for successful careers in the finance sector or in academia, we have set up the following educational goals:
 ► Critical and analytical thinking: Graduates shall be able to demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills when making decisions in a variety of contexts within the financial services industry.
 ► Competence in their area of specialization: Graduates shall be able to demonstrate competence within their specialized field of study.
 ► Quantitative analytical skills: Graduates shall be able to apply necessary statistical, mathematical and programming skills, and apply those skills to find solutions for advanced problems in the field of finance

 ► Teamwork: Graduates shall be able to gain experience in teams, and learn how to effectively communicate with team members to accomplish a stated objective.
 ► Professional ethics: Graduates shall be aware of ethical issues in finance and will be equipped with a set set of ethical guidelines that should govern the decisions and actions of all financial aid professionals.