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Admission PhD

The Doctor of Finance Program of the Graduate Institute of Finance aims to nurture future academics who wish to pursue a career in a higher education/research or enter the finance industry to become drivers of financial technology and innovation. 
Admission to our doctoral program is very competitive. While academic credentials are important for a successful application, we also pay great attention to the fit of students to both the program and the research interests of our academic faculty.

► Applicants for the PhD in Finance program should hold a postgraduate master's degree from an accredited institution in Taiwan or overseas showing evidence of above-average academic achievement.
► Applicants should have completed a  master's thesis in finance, economics, informatics, mathematics, engineering, or other relevant programs with significant quantitative elements.

How does the admission process work?

We wish to recruit PhD  students with the very best academic merit, potential and motivation, and welcome applications by all suitably qualified prospective students from different backgrounds. For international applicants, the admission decision is based on written documents, we ususally do not hold interviews/ admission exams. The documents have to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs, but will be reviewed by the GIF admission committee which carefully considers each application on an individual basis. 
The GIF admission commitee considers:

► your academic results in your postgraduate studies (i.e.transcripts of your Master's  degree)
► the topic and quality of your Master's thesis (only research oriented Master's thesis in a relevant area are accepted)

► your motivation letter or Statement of Purpose (where you have explain why you wish to join the GIF Doctoral Program of Finance) 

► your level of  English (English Language Certificate is required)

How to apply? 

Admission to the Doctoral Program of Finance  is possible both in the wfall and in the spring term, please refer to the NTUST Academic Calender for the admission deadlines. Detailed information on the application process, fee payments etc. is offered by the Office of Academic Affairs. If you receive your Letter of Admission, the Office of International Affairs will assist with enrollemnt and getting settled at Taiwan Tech. Please check the OIA website for information on scholarships and financial support.

What do I need? Application Checklist  

 Master’s Degree Certificate  ü
 GIF administered entrance exam   Ø
 GIFadministered entrance interview  Ø
 Recommendation letter (at least one) Ø
 Motivation letter (Statement of Purpose)   ü
 Curriculum Vitae    ü
 Other supporting documents (Certificates, proof of
 work experience, internships etc.) 
 Proof of English Proficiency (at least TOEIC 785 or its equivalent)  ü
 Apply online via NTUST application platform ü

Credit waivers and credit recognition

After enrollment, students can apply for credit waivers to be exempted from taking courses at Taiwan Tech. The maximum of  waived credits must not exceed 50% of the credits required for graduation, i.e. not more than 16 credits taken at other institutions can be recognized. Relevant supporting documents need to be submitted.
The following conditions apply:

► The name of the course and the number of credits that you wish to waive has to correspond to the name of the course  / number of credits of the course at Taiwan Tech
► You have to submit relevant documents, i.e. university transcripts and course descriptions
► The courses which you submit for credit waiving must have been completed successfully, and the credits may NOT be included in the credit requirements of your Master's degree
► The minimum period of study of the Taiwan Tech GIF doctoral program is two years, i.e. if you are granted credits waivers you will still have to enroll at Taiwan Tech for al least two years, within which you have to fulfill all requirements for graduation to be awarded a PhD degree in Finance. 

Last update: 2 July 2023