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Chiung-Ju Liang



Office: International Building IB1002-A

Phone: 886-2-2737-6915

Email: cjliang@mail.ntust.edu.tw

Education: Ph.D. in Accounting, National Taiwan University

Research: Performance Evaluation and Balanced Scoredcards, Management of Value Creation, Capital Markets

Courses taught: Studies in Creation Core Competencies, Accounting Information and Capital Market, Financial Accounting Theory, Financial Statement Analysis, Managerial Accounting

Academic Positions
Professor of Graduate Institute of Finance, NTUST
Chairperson of Graudate Institute of Finance, NTUST (2010/08~2014/07)


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Conference Papers
1.    Liang, Chiung-Ju and Wang, Wen-Hung (2008), "An Exploratory Investigation of Service Attributes and Customer Benefits as Determinants of Financial Performance" , 2008 ACME/FBD Conference (Held in Houston, 4th-8th, March, 2008)
2.    Liang, Chiung-Ju and Wang, Wen-Hung (2007), "A Research of the Behavioral Sequence of Information Education Services Industry in Taiwan" , 2007 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference (Held in Singapore Management University, Lee Kong Chain School of Business, 28th -30th , June ,2007)
3.    Liang, Chiung-Ju and Wang, Wen-Hung (2007), "An Insight into the Impact of Retailer's Relationship Efforts on Consumers' Attitude and Behavior--Financial Services Industry in Taiwan", ACME/FBD Conference (Held in San Diego, 14th -17th , March, 2007)


•    2007 McGraw-Hill/Irwin Distinguished Paper Awards, The Federation of Business Disciplines. (2007)
•    Best of Track Award Winners--CRM Track, Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators, The Federation of Business Disciplines. (2007)