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Full Time Faculty
Chair Professor
  E Dr. Liang, Chiung-Ju
  E Dr. Liu, Day-Yang
  E Dr. Jang, Woan-Yuh
  E Dr. Joseph C.P. Shieh
  E Dr. Miao, Daniel W.-C.
Associate Professor
  E Dr. Chen, Chun-Nan
  E Dr. Chang, Guang-Di
Part Time Faculty
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Full Time Faculty
sdå Research Field
Ph.D. in Economics from Tulane Univerisity , U.S.A.
Project Performance Evaluation, Analysis of Financial Policy, Credit Valuation of Bank Loan
Ph.D. in Finance from The University of Warwick, UK
Corporate Governance, Stock Market Anomalies, Statistics Analysis
Ph.D. in Accounting, National Taiwan University
Performance Evaluation and Balance Scored Card, Management of Value Creation, Research of Capital Market
Ph.D. in Finance., Kent State University
Investment Banking related Topics, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private equity operation, Research of Corporate Finance
Dr. Miao, Daniel W.-C. D.Phil. in Applied Mathematics, University of Oxford, U.K. Financial Mathematics, Financial Computing, Quantitative Models, Stochastic Processes
Dr. Chen, Chun-Nan Ph.D. in Finance, Syracuse University, U.S.A. Corporate Financial Strategy, Financial Market and Institutions, Behaviroal Finance, Empirical Finance and Investment Strategies
Ph.D. in Real Estate Finance from Texas AM University , U.S.A.
Financial Asset and Real Estate Securitization, MBSs, REITs, Asset Allocations, Portfolio Management


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